The visit to the town of Montepulciano should definitely include a tasting of its wine Nobile DOCG, the oldest among Italian wines, and also one of the most praised around the world.

Located a few kilometers from Monte Amiata, in between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana, founded by the Etruscans according to the legend, the original settlement is located in the now Church of the Madonna di San Biagio.

A land of ancient origins located on the intersection of some of the most beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, built along the narrow top of a limestone hill, a visit to Montepulciano presents itself as a stay rich in history and culture as well as breathtaking views: through the narrow streets of the centre, open arches and squares, able to offer unforgettable views of the valley.

The walk inside the walls through the elegant and ancient urban centre that leads you uphill along imponent Renaissance palaces, until it reaches the central square, located at the highest point of the town. Piazza Grande, so called because of the big tower and the Gothic facade of the Town Hall, which is quite similar to Palazzo della Signoria in Florence. Known for having been the shooting location of a few famous movies of last the generation like Twilight, the square is home to the Dome of the ‘500s.

  • The old centre
  • San Biagio cathedral
  • Panorams and views on the surrounded valleys
  • Visiting historic cellars and tasting Nobile di Montepucliano wine
  • February – Nobile wine Preview
  • August – Bravio delle Botti
  • Area of production of Nobile di Montapulciano DOCG
  • 0564.959010
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