Pienza is a small village in the heart of Val d’Orcia, already Unesco heritage site since 1996. The town is known for its distinctive appearance and breathtaking views of the valley and Amiata.

Its origins date back to Medieval times, period in which Pienza was transformed into a symbol of the Renaissance, utopian ideal city at the behest of one of the most famous characters of the town of Pienza, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, better known as Pope Pius II. Man-sighted and motivated by strong religious ideals, he wanted to rethink his native village of Corsignano in the virtues of the new Renaissance style giving it a new look and a new name, Pienza.

Today Pienza represents the model example of a small Tuscan village: quaint, picturesque, meticulous attention to detail, stone streets and houses, small shops selling local products, taverns, parks, and many travelers eager to visit this corner of Tuscany, nestled in the most photographed hills in Italy.

In this sense, the visit to Pienza, a few steps from Mount Amiata, is a must for those who love Tuscany and all the characteristics that make it well known worldwide.

  • The old centre with Piazza PIO II (main square)
  • Corsignano Parish
  • Buying Pecorico Cheese of Pienza
  • Enjoy the view on Mount Amiata from Belvedere
  • Comune di Produzione del Montecucco
  • Palazzo Piccolomini close on Mondays
  • info@bookingamiata.com
  • +39 0564.959010
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